Top Tips When Buying Road Bikes

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Are you an offroad enthusiast? If yes, you should consider purchasing a dirt bike. Below are a few tips to help you buy a dirt bike.  

Choosing An Appropriate Bike

There are various types of dirt bikes. Motocross bikes are designed for competition purposes. They are lightweight and come with advanced suspensions that enable the rider to make jumps without falling off the bike. These bikes are not road legal. They do not have speedometers, side mirrors or lights. Trail rider bikes are larger than motocross bikes and are suitable for long-distance rides. They have a comfortable sitting position, larger tires and stiff suspension. Dual sport dirt bikes are your best bet when you need a road-legal dirt bike. They have an instrument cluster, lights and mirrors. These bikes are ideal for both offroad and tarmac riding. 

You should also check the bike specifications. For instance, some models will come with a 449cc four-stroke engine. If you are on a budget, you could opt for a 149cc single-cylinder engine.

Buying Used Dirt Bikes

Used dirt bikes are ideal for starters or people with a budget. Consider the following when purchasing a used dirt bike.  

Conduct some internet research to identify reputable dealers in your locality. Most dealers will give guarantees and after-sales services such as free maintenance. Check the pricing of similar bikes. You will pay more when buying a newer model. However, you may find an older model with an overhauled engine, new suspension and tires. Thoroughly inspect the used bike. If you are the first buyer, ask for a pre-purchase inspection report. Alternatively, ask your mechanic to help you examine the bike. Negotiate by pitting one dealer against the other.

Some people will opt to purchase the bike over the internet. If this is the case, ask the seller to send numerous pictures. You could also use an escrow service to protect yourself. 

Buying New Bikes

Work with an accredited dealer when buying a new bike. Take advantage of season discounts when buying the new bike. Alternatively, you could purchase the bike during winter when there is a low demand for motorcycles. Check the terms of the bike warranty. Typically, the manufacturer does not cover damages caused by the customer's negligence, and you have to work with skilled mechanics. Proper maintenance will increase the longevity of your bike. Use genuine OEM spares and work with an experienced mechanic. 

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