3 Important Things to Consider When Buying a New Pontoon Boat

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Pontoon boats have become a popular model for the past years, and there is no sure sign that this trend will slow down. This type of boat is preferred by many due to its performance, styling and luxury. Besides, it can hold a large number of people; some even come with a type of roof that has an open floor to accommodate maximum riders. Owning one can simply mean holding a party on water anytime, with as many guests as you would want. Whether you are looking for a do-everything boat that is fast enough for watersports or one for sundown cocktails with friends and family, before you buy your pontoon boat, note a few considerations to keep in mind. This will ensure that you choose the right one for you.

1. Note the boat's actual occupancy limit

Any smart captain will know the number of people he can have aboard. When considering a pontoon boat for parties and groups, be sure you check the actual occupancy limit. A pontoon boat is meant to stay afloat with a large number of occupants because of its flat bottom, but this doesn't mean you should try exceeding its limit capacity. Too many people can capsize the boat or increase the risk of overloading it. The square footage of the floor space may not tell you how many people will fit safely on the boat, so check the occupancy limit if you plan on having large groups on your boat.

2. Ensure the pontoon boat will fit in your boat slip

If you have a boat slip you rent, you need to ensure that the pontoon boat will fit easily. The flat bottom of a pontoon boat usually makes it much wider than standard boats, and it may not fit so well into standard boat slips. Ensure you have enough room for manoeuvring and that your boat will fit safely in a boat slip or storage dock.

3. Consider how easily you can remove its roof or cover

Because a pontoon boat is often used for partying or relaxing rather than racing on the water, they typically come with a type of roof or cover over the main deck area. You want to note how easy it is to manage this cover. You should be able to crank it open or closed and then quickly fold the cover itself around the frame or brackets. If a cover is cumbersome to fold and doesn't open or close with a crank or handle, this can mean too much work to relax on the water. Choose a pontoon boat with a cover that is easy to use and which quickly slides out of the way and then opens up again just as easily.

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