4 Aspects For Boaters to Know About Bow Thrusters

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A bow thruster is a boat propeller system that enhances the manoeuvrability of a vessel, especially at a lower speed. The unit is installed at the bow of a boat. In speedboats, a bow thruster aids in better control. Besides, a bow thruster enhances safe docking since you can avoid bumping into nearby vessels and docks. This article examines a few facts about bow thrusters for boat owners who want to install the device.

Bow Thruster Size

The size of the bow thruster to buy depends on the amount of thrust that a boat requires. In this regard, the size of a bow thruster depends on boat size and windage above a waterline. Large profile boats require a large bow thruster while smaller boats need a smaller thruster. Always work with a professional before selecting a bow thruster since you might need to consider other factors, such as mounting type, power source and the number of propellers.

Benefits of Installing Bow Thrusters

A thruster gives you confidence regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced boater. When you are docking or fending off, you need to manoeuver carefully to avoid hitting other boats or the docks. Notably, a bow thruster helps you to navigate safely through tight spaces since the device helps a boat to turn accordingly without engaging forward motion. Besides, bow thrusters help to navigate a boat through rough conditions such as strong currents and blustery winds. Most importantly, the resell value of a boat with a thruster is higher compared to that of a similar vessel without a thruster.

Electric or Hydraulic

Bow thrusters are available in either electric or hydraulic models. If you favour something powerful but quiet, then a hydraulic thruster will do the trick since it can deliver enough power to propel a large boat. On the other hand, smaller boats are best served by an electric bow thruster. It is recommended to install a bow thruster with a high voltage of at least 24 volts. However, your vessel's battery should match the power requirements of both a thruster and a boat. Therefore, always install a bow thruster near a power source to reduce voltage losses through long cables.


Bow thrusters are a standard feature in new boats that are over 45-feet long. However, you have to retrofit small or mid-sized boats with bow thrusters. A thruster can be installed internally or externally based on many factors such as boat size and type of thruster. Therefore, work with an expert installer to get the best results since the installation of a bow thruster is not a DIY project.

If you are interested in a bow thruster, including a Vetus thruster, contact a boat supplier near you.