The Skills You Need To Learn In Your Q-Ride

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Motorcycles are amazing machines that provide an unmatched feeling of freedom when riding them. Unfortunately, this sense of freedom comes with an added risk due to the lack of a surrounding vehicle with safety features. However, this added risk can be managed if you understand the risks and dangers that come with going out on the road on two wheels. If you want to go for your motorcycle licence then first you need to get your Q-Ride training and learn the basics over a few days.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Start A Q-Ride?

Since a Q-Ride is a preliminary course that does not give you a motorbike licence (but is necessary to then go and attain a motorcycle licence) there are less stringent requirements. This is because a motorcycle licence can be used as a strong form of identification, so you need to provide a lot of information when applying for that. For a Q-Ride all you need is to have held a driver's licence for one year to prove that you understand what it is like to drive on the road. It is not currently possible to start your life on the road with a motorcycle licence without having a basic car driving licence.

What Do You Learn At A Q-Ride?

A Q-Ride will teach you how to stay safe on the road while also making sure that everyone else around you is safe as well. This is done through theoretical learning (documents, short lectures and hypothetical situations) as well as practical learning on a motorcycle. By combining these two areas of learning you will know how to behave in most traffic situations, what you can and cannot do, what the differences between a car and bike licence are and the rules specifically for learner motorbike drivers. You will have some safety drills and practices as well so you know how it feels to have to perform emergency procedures that you learn in the hypothetical portion of the Q-Ride.

How Long Does It Take?

A Q-Ride generally is a two-day course with both days being about 6-8 hours long depending on breaks and start time. After a Q-Ride is undertaken you can then register for your first motorcycle licence test and course. However, there is a wait period of about three months between obtaining your Q-Ride and going for the test. This is so you can get some more experience and confidence in your knowledge.